Council Review Upton Bypass Roadworks

After load of complaints from drivers in Poole - who've been getting stuck in massive traffic jams - the county council say they'll remove cones during the rush hour to try and ease the delays.

A statement from Dorset County Council read:

From Thursday 8th November, cones between the A350 junction with the A35 Upton Bypass and the Upton Park junction will be removed during the morning and evening rush hour traffic.

Listening to concerns from residents and the business community, the additional work being undertaken on the bypass is being reprogrammed and accelerated.

Several roadworks in Poole are causing problems

Dorset County Council Cabinet member for transport Peter Finney said:

“We’ve listened to people’s frustrations over the last three days and have reviewed the traffic management and programme of works to see how we can ease the situation.

“We believe that removing this section of lane closure should alleviate congestion where the A350 joins with the bypass, easing the flow of traffic.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to remove the lane closure between the Bakers Arms Roundabout and the A350 junction, but – weather permitting – this work will be completed on Friday 16 November.”


Meanwhile the issue will also be discussed at a County Council meeting today (Thursday 8th November).

Councillor Fred Drane has told Heart:

"I want them to stop the roadworks right now and wait for the Sandbanks Ferry to return and the water main works on Blandford Road to finish. Why can't they do that?"

He added: "We have a big problem here and I will be raising it at the meeting again because we can't live with this situation. We're not talking about one day -we're talking about weeks and weeks. I want them to postpone the works altogether."