Council Unveils Pothole Fixing Machine

12 April 2010, 16:23 | Updated: 12 April 2010, 16:37

Bournemouth council are 'rolling out' a new technique to tidy up the roads.

Nu-phalt infra-red technology softens the existing tarmac so it can be smoothed out. This means that pot holes and cracks can be filled without using too much new material, and makes it more environmentally friendly.

The whole process using the new technology takes around eight minutes.

Bath Road, Fir Vale Road and Horse Shoe Common Roundabout will be the first to be blitzed as part of the £2.5million year-long campaign.

Heart spoke to Councillor Robert Lawton who explained how it will save money: "The main costs [saved] will be on recycling the tarmac that is already within the road, and also there's less labour costs - it only takes a couple of people whereas before, other processes may need four or five.

He added: "This process will be used all over Bournemouth, wherever we can."