Crackdown On Pedlars

12 April 2010, 07:36 | Updated: 12 April 2010, 07:41

A new law which bans street pedlars from pitching up in Bournemouth town centre has been passed after three years of trying.

The Bournemouth Borough Council Act 2010 has been put in place to protect the public and town centre businesses from illegal street traders.

The new law means that legitimate pedlars with a trading certificate will still be able to trade door to door but will be restricted when moving through the streets of Bournemouth.

They will be permitted to make sales on the move but will not be able to remain stationary for more than five minutes. It will also be illegal for pedlars to congregate in one area and cause obstruction as they will be restricted from operating within 50 metres of any other pedlar.

The new law also gives the Council the right to seize the goods of street traders who are found to be operating illegally.

Councillor David Smith said: "It’s taken almost three years to get this Bill passed through Parliament but at last we now have the law in place which is fantastic news for the town and its businesses. By having more powers to control street pedlars in the town this will help us to protect established traders and to reduce the risk to our local shoppers from traders operating illegally."

Nigel Hedges owns a shop in the town centre. He said: "They pedal stuff, and if people buy from them they are taking a gamble. Usually the goods are faulty or shoddy, they are cheap for a reason.

This new law means they now won't be able to steal business from legitimate businesses."

Bournemouth has been pursuing the law along with other major towns and cities in the UK who are experiencing similar problems, including Manchester, which received Royal Assent at the same time as Bournemouth.