Crime Scene At Bournemouth University!

Students studying Forensic Science at Bournemouth University can now try and solve realistic crime scenes, thanks to a new 'Crime Scene Training Facility' which has just opened there.

Inside the facility anything from murders to bank robberies can be simulated and on February 16th - to celebrate the official opening of the new training unit - several crime scenes will be set up.

It includes a decomposing man on a bed; a murdered woman in her sitting room and an illicit drugs den. The crime scenes have been set up – using dummy bodies – to help students experience scientific investigation where crimes have been recreated in a very realistic fashion. 

The settings include a bedroom, with a murder victim on the bed; a living room with a murdered female strangled by her own tights; a room where a burglary has taken place; a warehouse where illegal drugs are produced; and a bank, complete with counter and cash point machine which has been robbed. 

Special guest Alex Otto, who's a demonstrator in Forensic Science, will also be there. She was a Crime Scene Investigator for Wiltshire Police for 11 years. Before that she worked in the South African Police Force, flying squad and Fraud Branch.

She was also one of the founding members of the first child protectionunit in Johannesburg.

Bournemouth University Talbot Campus