Dial 101 For Dorset Police

Dorset Police is reminding the public that the number to dial to contact the police for non-emergencies is 101 – as the Home Office announces the number is now live nationwide.

The Home Office has today – Wednesday 11 January 2012 – confirmed that every police force in Englandand Wales is now using 101 as its non-emergency contact number.
Dorset Police started using the 101 non-emergency number in September 2011.
From October to December last year, the Force received 17,917 non-emergency calls from the public on the 101 number.
Chief Superintendent Colin Searle, Communications andContact Services Commander, said: “No matter where you are in England and Wales, if you need to contact the police for a non-urgent issue, simply dial 101.
“Now that the 101 non-emergency number has been rolled out nationwide, it should make contacting the police more straight forward for the public because, wherever you are in the country, you just need to call 101.
“As ever, in an emergency where life is in danger or acrime is in progress, you should always dial 999.”
Members of the publicshould call 101 to contact the police to report less urgent crime and disorderor to speak to local officers. 
For example, call 101:
·                      to give the police information about crime in your area
·                      to speak to the police about a general enquiry
·                      if your car has been stolen
·                      if your property has been damaged
·                      if you suspect drug use or dealing in your local area
·                      to report a minor traffic accident
Calls to the 101 non-emergency number –from both landlines and mobile phones – cost 15 pence per call no matterwhat time of day you call, or how long the call lasts.
If a member of the public has a speech or hearing impairment, they can textphone 18001 101.