Dog Raises Alarm As Chip Pan Catches Fire

At approximately 2.05pm this afternoon crews from Redhill Park and Springbourne were alerted to a property fire in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth.

The crews were on the scene within four minutes and were confronted with a fire in a ground floor flat caused by an unattended chip pan. Firefighters quickly extinguished this fire by removing the chip pan from the property.

They also rescued a staffordshire terrier from the flat.

Incident Commander Watch Manager Rob Williams said:

"This chip pan was left on an electric hob unattended. Neighbours were alerted to this fire by a working smoke alarm and the dog barking. As we come to the end of National Chip week I would like to remind the public not to leave any form of cooking unattended. This could have been a far more serious incident if the neighbours had not realised there was a fire, luckily no one was injured."