Domestic Violence In Dorset

4 June 2010, 05:04

With the World Cup a week away there are concerns the number of domestic violence cases in Dorset will rise during the tournament.

Statistics show during the last tournament in 2006 there were 633 incidents reported to police in the county, a fifth more than during the same month the year before.

Mum of five 'Amber' was beaten up by her husband for years. She finally left him and is now staying in a refuge with her children:

"There have been lots of different things that have set him off, whether it's a lighter being moved, or the house not being as tidy as he wanted. There were times when he watched football, and if his team lost it was twice as bad.

"The kids were terrified of him, they used to hide in a cupboard when he started shouting. When he stopped, my youngest used to ask her big sister if I was dead. I only found that out recently and that is one of the things that made me leave.

"It was also seeing the fear on my children's faces and having the support of my older childre. It was them saying 'come on mum we are with you, we don't want to be here' that sort of gave me enough incentive to think enough is enough."

Amber is now urging other victims to leave their abusive partners and husbands.

Dorset police say they are going to be running a publicity campaign around domestic abuse during the World Cup. It is aimed at both potential offenders, warning that they can expect a long prison sentence, and victims, encouraging them to report domestic abuse to the police.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Dorset Women's Outreach Project - 0800 5877480

Police Domestic Abuse Officers - East Dorset - 01202 226089, West Dorset - 01305 226547

National Domestic Violence Helpline 24 Hrs - 0808 2000 247

Men's Advice Line national helpline- 0808 801 0327