Dorset Motorbike Crashes

24 April 2010, 10:35

Police in Dorset are this summer trying to cut the number of motorbike accidents on the roads by warning riders about the dangers of speeding Latest figures show around 19 per cent of all fatal crashes in Dorset involve someone on a motorbike


from tonight a bike safe course is starting in Weymouth and will be touring around the rest of the county over the summer

Police Constable Chris Smith is the BikeSafe Dorset co-ordinator.

"Once again we are working with our local councils to make Dorset’s roads safer. “This year BikeSafe has even more local opportunities open to bikers across the county to sharpen their riding skills and hopefully avoid becoming a statistic.

“It’s never the wrong time to learn a new skill and keep yourself safe on the county’s roads.

“Our local evening theory sessions cost nothing and are open to all motorcyclists. They are held locally across Dorset and riders can just turn up to see what BikeSafe is all about.

“There is then an option to attend one of our on road assessment dates which are held near to our headquarters in Winfrith. It takes just a few hours and could teach you something that might save your life one day."

It's being run by Dorset Police and Dorset County Council and includes a session of classroom-based tuition and a practical ride assessment conducted by police motorcycling professionals.

The event in Weymouth on Monday will take place at The Lodmore, Preston Beach Road and anybody wishing to attend can just turn up at 6.45pm

BikeSafe Dorset provides a chance for motorcyclists to gain advice and tips on a range of subjects to make their riding even safer – including cornering, positioning, overtaking, correct use of gears and hazard perception.

The practical sessions start from the Winfrith Technology Centre, just outside the village of Wool. The dates and times are as follows:

Sunday 25 April 2010

Sunday 9 May 2010

Sunday 6 June 2010

Sunday 13 June 2010

Sunday 11 July 2010

Sunday 15 August 2010

Sunday 19 September 2010