Dorset MP's Ex Wife In Twitter Outburst

8 October 2013, 13:14

The ex-wife of a Dorset MP's gone on Twitter to complain about him losing his position in the Government's reshuffle.

Tory Robert Syms was told he'll be returning to the backbenches from the Whip's Office. 

Fiona-Natasha Syms said she was furious the father of her kids was fired over the phone by the PM. 

She took to Twitter, writing: 

''PM just fired father of my kids over the phone. 

''Gave up chairmanship of a cttee to be a whip, worked hard and was widely acknowledged to be a good whip. 

''He was utterly gracious and took it like a man, I am beyond furious. Loyalty counted for nothing.'' 

Mrs Syms then joked that her children had ''defected to Labour'' and that, in his position, she would be ''fixing up drinks'' with rebels. 

She's since updated her Twitter profile to describe herself as an ''ex-wife with big mouth'' who was ''prone to extraordinary outbursts'' in reference to the press coverage her comments received.