Dorset Photographer At The Royal Reception

The private photographer from Dorset who was able to capture the newlywed royals' most intimate moments said the couple were "buzzing with happiness'' and "made for each other''.

Millie Pilkington, a friend of the Middleton family, whose name has been kept under wraps until now, took informal photos of the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall during their wedding reception.

She said the speeches were "absolutely hysterical'' and the evening was like a "wonderful, intimate family affair''.

Speaking at Clarence House the day after the wedding, she said:

"They were drawn to each other magnetically throughout the day.

"Their love for each other was so evident. Everyone could see it.

"They just looked like they had been made for each other.

"They were buzzing with happiness and seemed to be having the best day of their lives, as indeed we all were.''

Mrs Pilkington, 39, who lives near Sherborne, said Kate was the "epitome of calm'' on the day.

She said:

"She was just so relaxed, and stunning. Even before she put her dress on she looked stunning.

"She really was unbelievably beautiful. She was breathtaking.

"All the way through she just had this air of calm and serenity.

"They just looked so relaxed and happy with each other. It was wonderful.''

She described the bond between the couple throughout the day as "unique'', adding: "They just love each other so much.''

After the formal photographs and the balcony appearance, Mrs Pilkington shadowed the couple for most of the reception.

She said she followed the couple to one of the palace rooms where she captured some

"lovely, informal, intimate shots that I hope they will treasure for ever''.

The photographs are destined for their private album and photo frames, and will not be made public.

Asked about the evening, she said:

"It became the wonderful, intimate family affair, the family wedding that I photograph all the time.''

She added that Kate was "very sweet''.

"She said 'If you don't want to photograph in the evening, please don't. Put your camera down, relax, have a good time, you're here as a guest, and enjoy it'.

"But to be a photographer and to be surrounded by that much beauty, the location, all these stunning guests, I couldn't stop, so I photographed all night and to the early hours of the morning.''

Asked about the speeches, she said:

"They were hysterical, absolutely hysterical.''

She added:

"The evening was buzzing, absolutely extraordinary. The daytime was wonderful - it was very, very relaxing and exciting and spectacular - but the evening was almost more magical.

"The whole thing was incredible. To be there as a guest was amazing but to be there and photograph such a private and fun evening was any photographer's dream.''

She went on:

"I don't think you can put into words what it was like to be there. It was absolutely amazing, spectacular, the buzz, the excitement, the adrenaline.

"It was so historic, it was such an honour to be involved in such an historic event and to be able to be there to catch all these private and intimate photographs was the icing on the cake.''

She added:

"I've been terrified, utterly nervous. I haven't slept for weeks.

"I still can't quite believe it. I keep having to pinch myself.''

But she said when she got back to the palace she forgot about the world outside.