Dorset Speed Cameras Scrapped

13 July 2011, 10:09 | Updated: 13 July 2011, 10:12

It's been confirmed that more than half of the fixed speed cameras in Dorset are being ditched.

Police have told Heart the county's 37 sites will be cut to 15 and there'll be five less mobile sites as well.

But officers say cameras will be reinstalled at any sites where serious accidents increase.

It’s after the Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership (DSRSP) has reached agreement about the funding of Dorset Road Safe for 2011-12.

The main changes in operation include:

- The reduction of core* fixed safety camera sites from 37 to 15

- A reduction in the number of core* mobile camera sites that will be regularly operated (from 33 to 28) 

- The expansion of the successful ‘no excuse’ campaign across the whole of Dorset

*core enforcement sites are sites that have been selected as those with the highest Killed and Serious Injury (KSI) figures

Mike Glanville, Assistant Chief Constable of Dorset Police and chair of the DSRSP said “We are pleased to be able to formally confirm that all Dorset Road Safe partners remain positive about the real benefits of partnership working and continue in their commitment to working together to further reduce road casualties in Dorset.”

The Holes Bay camera in Poole will stay on but it will be adjusted to a much higher speed threshold.

The partnership say they remain focussed on reducing road death and serious injury and therefore all sites will be continually monitored and cameras will be turned back on again if there’s a risk to public safety.