Dorset Super-Slimmer Loses 5st 9lb

A super-slimmer from Dorset's celebrating losing nearly 6 stones in weight!

51-year old Julie Castle from Wareham had been overweight for most of her life but after an accident in 1997 left her with mobility problems, she really began to pile on the pounds.

But, just two years later Julie, who used to weigh 16st 4lb and wear a dress size 20/22, succeeded in shedding an amazing 5st 9lb to now weigh just 10st 9lb and wear a slimline size 12.

It took an upsetting night out at a barn dance, when Julie was completely out of breath, for her to finally do something about her escalating weight. 

“I joined the local Rosemary Conley class and decided I would keep going until I had lost all of my excess weight, no matter how long it took!” says Julie, who still goes to two classes a week, despite having reached her target weight in August 2010.

“I wanted to lose weight to improve my health first of all and to be able to do more in life.  I used to think that if I didn’t stop putting on weight, I would not make it to older life, and, until I started to lose weight, I didn’t realise what a buzz it would be,” adds Julie. 

“I used to want to blend into the background and would not try things as I didn’t want to stand out.  Now, I want to tell everyone I meet about my weight loss success and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!”

Before she started her diet Julie used to love chocolate, especially Mars bars, and she would have two bars of chocolate every day, as well as two bags of crisps and loads of biscuits. 

“I used to eat them because I was bored and I didn’t realise how easy it would be to give them up,” adds Julie.

Julie now has her son’s graduation in July to look forward to. 

“I wanted him to be proud of his mum,” says Julie, who is enjoying being able to go into any high street shop she chooses to buy her clothes.

Julie Castle - before

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