Dorset Tank In Hollywood Blockbuster

18 November 2013, 12:16 | Updated: 18 November 2013, 12:20

The Tank Museum's Tiger 131 is set to become a film-star in new war epic starring Brad Pitt.

One of the most feared weapons unleashed by the Nazis into the theatre of war; the Tiger gained a formidable reputation and could destroy an enemy tank from over two kilometres away. 

The Tiger 131 was painstakingly restored over a number of years by The Tank Museum and is the only one of its kind in the world still in working order. 

When American writer-director David Ayer set out to produce a true to history tank blockbuster, he turned to The Tank Museum for assistance. 

Conducting initial research in to the history of armoured warfare and investigating the types of vehicles that would be suitable, the production team was inspired to make the tank the real star of the show. 

Curator David Willey says, 

"The Tiger was restored so that the public could fully appreciate what a truly fearsome machine it would have been during battle and now for the first time countless numbers of people will have the opportunity to see a genuine Tiger in a contemporary war film". 

The Tiger is a unique piece of military heritage and its time on set will be carefully managed and overseen by a group of Museum Workshop staff. 

Museum Director Richard Smith says, 

"Assisting the production crew has given us the opportunity to show our collection to millions of people, while the publicity generated will allow us to engage with new audiences who may never have known about this part of history." 

The Tiger 131 will come to blows with the Hollywood stars, when the crew find themselves behind German lines during the Second World War. 

Also starring in the film is the Museum's Sherman M4E8 which will play the home of the American tank unit. 

The Tiger 131 will only be off display for a short time and visitors can expect to see the tank back in the museum before Christmas.