Dorset Vet Flies To Cairo To Help Animals

18 February 2011, 09:40 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 13:52

Dorset vet, Luke Gamble has flown out to Egypt to help animals injured and abandoned in the riots on Cairo’s streets.

He's has described the injuries he has seen as ‘shocking’.

Luke, the founder of Cranborne-based charity Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), has flown out to Egypt to personally assess the plight of animals injured in the recent riots or abandoned as people fled the troubles – and says there is a lot to be done.

WVS teams will follow in his footsteps from this weekend, providing a sustained stream of support for as long as possible.

Following an appeal to vets and veterinary nurses on the charity’s database, more than 20 volunteers have come forward willing to travel to Cairo to help.

WVS has £10,000 of emergency vet aid ready to go, including antibiotics, bandages and anaesthetics.

Speaking from Cairo, Luke said:

“I have spent time at two animal shelters so far and it’s the sheer number of animals in desperate need of veterinary attention that hits you first. There are just so many and the state that some of these animals are in is shocking.

“The shelters simply do not have the vets or veterinary supplies that are needed.. People have fled and supplies can’t get through. But this is exactly what we can help with and will do for as long as we possibly can.”