Dorset's Gritters On 24Hr Standby For Snow

19 December 2010, 09:52

Dorset County Council's salting fleet will be working round the clock to treat its winter road network in preparation for ice and snow.

Gritters are on 24-hour standby to keep Dorset's main roads clear through the weekend, when snow is expected.

Drivers are advised to take extra care, as even salted roads may have slippery patches.

The Met Office has today issued a severe weather warning that a band of heavy snow will move across the county Friday and Saturday.

Dorset's salting fleet will remain on 24-hour standby over the weekend to carry out pre-salting of the winter network and plough any snow that builds up.

Dorset Fire and Rescue have issued these tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition for winter driving:
  • Check the tyre depths (minimum tread is 1.60mm) and tyre pressure.
  • Check you have anti freeze in your radiator
  • Carry de-icer and a ice scraper in your vehicle.
  • Keep a warm coat in your vehicle in the event of a breakdown and if possible, carry a charged mobile phone.
  • Try not to make unnecessary journeys in bad weather conditions.
  • Be aware of the conditions as you drive, avoid unnecessary breaking in icy conditions and give other drivers room.
  • If you are walking or cycling, make sure you can be seen - wear bright clothing.
  • Make sure you have working lights on your bike and use them!!
  • Do not take unnecessary risks –remember drivers may not be able to see you as clearly.


In preparation for ice and snow, the county council has also taken the opportunity to salt a network of 'community links' -  single roads that connect a number of rural villages with the main salted network.

It also refilled salt bins across Dorset, which are provided by borough, town and parish councils to treat roads and footways off the salted network. 

The council currently has around 7,500 tonnes of salt in its depots - just under the amount it normally holds at the start of each winter. This year the starting stock was 12,000, a 20% increase. Additional salt has been ordered to arrive either side of Christmas.

For more information about road salting and how the weather is affecting essential services, such as schools, day centres and waste collections, go to

Bournemouth Council has also received further salt supplies to bolster its Winter Service programme.

The Council now has around 500 tonnes of salt and a further 200 tonnes of a grit and salt mix in stock.

Meanwhile South West Trains have already said they will be running an amended timetable on some of their routes tomorrow.


Dorset Police are also giving key safety advice to its communities this weekend. They're strongly urging the public not to take to the roads unless journeys are absolutely essential and to stay at home until the weather conditions improve. 

The Force would also appeal to the public not to phone them and advise them that it is snowing or that areas are icy.  Local authorities are aware of the road conditions and are regularly gritting key main routes to keep them open.  Minor roads will not be being treated in the same way.

For details of roads that are closed in the county please visit the Dorsetforyou local authority web site (<>)