Extra Police At Wimborne Folk festival

Dorset Police say they've been working with local partners to ensure this weekend's 'Wimborne Folk Festival' and 'Party in the Paddock' events are enjoyed safely.

The Force will provide an enhanced level of policing during the events, running from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 June 2012, with additional officers on patrol focusing on preventing anti-social behaviour as well as alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Specifically, officers will be utilising dispersal powers to direct anyone behaving inappropriately away from the area.

In addition to the dispersal powers, police can also take home anyone who is in a public place within the relevant locality between 9pm and 6am if there are reasonable grounds to believe the person is under the age of 16, is participating in anti-social behaviour or affected by others behaving anti-socially, and they are not under the control of a parent or other responsible person aged 18 or over.

Acting Sergeant Stuart Belfield, of Wimborne Town and Leigh Park Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

"These powers will enable officers to deal proportionately, robustly, promptly and more effectively with anti-social and alcohol-related crime and disorder offences before they escalate."

Dorset Police has been working closely together with East Dorset District Council and Wimborne licensees in preparation for the events

Safer Neighbourhood officers have visited licensed premises and have been, and will be, advising landlords on the steps they can take to help make sure their venues are as safe and fun as possible – tackling the use of false identification to enter licensed premises by those under 18.

All proof of age identification, such as passports and driving licences, will be fully checked by doorstaff and if it is found to be false, or belonging to someone else, it will be retained and police will take positive action.

Sue Chandler, Chairperson for East Dorset Licensing Forum, said:

"Users of false identification not only risk the possibility of a criminal record, but also put the licence of the pub they are drinking in at risk.

"Anyone drinking under the age of 18, or acting inappropriately may also be in danger of becoming banned from all establishments across East Dorset, as part of the 'banned from one, banned from all' scheme which we run in East Dorset."

Static and mobile CCTV will also be employed in the town throughout the weekend.

CCTV staff will be in direct contact with the events' organisers as well as licensed premises and off-licences via a radio system and police will respond promptly to any requests for assistance.

Acting Sergeant Belfield continued:

"We have experience in these types of events and our priority will be to ensure all people wishing to enjoy these events can do so in an environment that is safe and fun for all.

"Dorset Police aims to facilitate those who wish to enjoy the events peacefully and lawfully allowing others to go about their normal business."

Bus stops will be temporarily moved from Wimborne Square and there will be appropriate signage directing members of the public to the new locations.

Also, Dorset Police would like to remind members of the public to book their taxi prior to going out for the evening to ensure a quick and safe journey home.

A number of road closures will also be in force during the weekend, principally Wimborne Square, the High Street and East Street, and adjacent roads.

A section of Poole Road will also be subject to a road closure between 11pm and 1am on both Friday and Saturday evening.