Christchurch Businesses Raise Concerns

24 September 2013, 06:38 | Updated: 24 September 2013, 07:08

Businesses in Christchurch say they're worried major gas works going on in the town will hit their Christmas trade.

Metal gas mains in the town centre will be replaced with plastic ones over the next three months. 

It's part of a project costing over a hundred and twenty thousand pounds. 

Southern Gas Networks says it'll suspend the work in December, but taxi driver Malik says:

''It won't help, it's going to affect everything in here. 

It' already busy as it is so it is going to affect us and our customers will be complaining. We're going to have to work around it.'' 

In a statement, Southern Gas Networks say: 

''We have been working closely with Dorset County Council and Christchurch Borough Council in planning this project, and will continue to work with the local authorities and the community during the course of our work. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to minimise disruption during this essential work. Our teams will be working extended hours and the Monday Market will continue as normal throughout. 

All shops, businesses and car parks in Christchurch town centre will remain open as usual during our project. 

We recognise Christmas is an important time for High Street shops and businesses, which is why we are suspending all our works in December over the festive period. 

We are determined to support the local communities however we can.''