Giant Paw Prints Appear On Dorset Beach!

22 June 2011, 14:23 | Updated: 22 June 2011, 14:37

The prints, which measure six by six meters and over one foot deep, will appear overnight on the beach at Bournemouth Pier and will be visible on the morning of June 23rd.

The enormous lion paw prints mark the launch of Pride in Bournemouth, the biggest public art event ever staged along the South Coast. From June 25th, 50 life-size lion sculptures will also be placed around the town.
Local artists helped to create the individually designed lions, which are to be auctioned off after the summer event. Funds raised will be donated to the charities Born Free Foundation and Julia’s House.

Giant Paw Prints
Charlie Langhorne, Director of Pride in Bournemouth said: "The Lion prints mark the start of this exciting project. The public will be amazed and indeed confused by the site of these huge prints. Could they have been made by an enormous creature of the deep? A huge sea lion? Or was one perhaps just lying on the beach?”