Girl Dies After Carpark Fall

12 April 2010, 07:08 | Updated: 13 April 2010, 11:34

A 15-year-old girl has died after falling about 50ft from the top of a multi-storey car park in Weymouth town centre.

Robyn Nixon from Wyke Regis died just before 4.20pm on Sunday after plunging from the building to Lower St Alban Street below. Police say her death is not suspicious.

Today, Tuesday April 13th, tributes have been paid to a 15-year-old girl, who reports suggest was being bullied.

More than 2,300 people have already joined a Facebook group in her memory.

Aimee Chantelle Michel, listed as Robyn's sister, said: "My babay sister. I would have swapped places in a second. I would swap them.

"I dont know what to do without you. I'm dying. I'm so so so so sorry. Ididn't realise yesterday. I would never have let you leave me. xxxxxxxxxxx''

Close friend Amberlou Downing wrote: "You were always the strong one, the one who never let life phase you. You were the sunshine in my life and I cant show you enough how much you are missed darling.

"I am deeply sorry that I couldnt have done more for you now but I promise I'll make things better girl. I'll make a difference. You have given me some of my most fun memories as a teenager and I will cherise those for the rest of my

"I hope you are peaceful now, I hope all your worries and troubles have disappeared and I'll look after your family as best I can.

"Take watch over all of us babe cos we still need you in our lives. I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul my dearest best friend.''

Dani Lister wrote: "I sat today and remembered all the memories me and you shared... well where to begin? Oh yes, when me and you decided to dye ur hair when your mum and dad were at work but we got it all over the sink bath and floor soo u picked up a clean white towel and started scrubbing it to try get it off... and the time me and you always took your puppy Annie out and we used to pick flowers you liked and u put one in my hair ''wow thats nice" you said...

"Or when you where dancing under that tree and then walked into it and got poked in the eye by a stick awww robyn miss you loads and so many more memories just this box wont hold them but my heart always will!!!''

Kym Patch wrote: "Thinking of your family and friends at this time, you have so many friends that were here for you, could you not of talked to one of them? I dont know you personally but a lot of my kids friends knew you and it just seems such a shame they have nothing but good to say about how nice you were.''

Freya Holmes wrote: "Another beautiful angel has joined heaven, rest in peace you beautiful girly.''

Witnesses are asked to contact Dorset Police on 01305 222222.