Gypsy & Traveller Consultation: Phase 2

Councillors in Poole have agreed to go ahead with the next stage of a Dorset-wide consultation on potential Gypsy and Traveller sites.

Cabinet members have agreed to proceed with a full list of all sites considered by independent planning consultants Baker Associates.

Members also agreed that the consultation is undertaken with no sites identified as preferred options by the council.

The council is looking for help in identifying new sites and would welcome suggestions from private landowners who may be able to help meet the need.

In addition, the council is also prepared to further investigate sites that were previously excluded on the basis of anticipated costs.

Councillor Mike White, Deputy Leader of the Council with responsibility for planning, Borough of Poole, said:

"We've agreed to go forward to the next stage of the consultation process with a full list of all the Poole sites considered by the consultants.

"However, the council has no preferred options and does not endorse any of the sites.

"We agree that none of the sites provide an ideal solution.

"However, current Government legislation requires us to identify a site within Poole to meet the needs of the travelling community.

"For this reason, the council would be willing to consider other sites that have not yet been identified.

"We would particularly welcome suggestions from private landowners who may be able to help us identify potential sites that could help meet this need." 

Cllr White has written to Bob Neill MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, to seek clarification on current guidance and ask that the Government consider other ways Borough of Poole could work with other local authorities to provide Gypsy and Traveller sites.