Have Your Say On Future Of Bournemouth

8 November 2010, 13:12

A blueprint for Bournemouth Town Centre goes out to public consultation today (Monday November 8).

The document (entitled Area Action Plan – Preferred Options) highlights the type and level of development Bournemouth Council would like to see on 30 key sites.

Suggestions include a water-based family attraction on Bath Road South, reinstating the car park on Exeter Road as a bus hub and also allowing shop mobility, shops, leisure, cultural and hotel uses.  Central Car Park is put forward as a suitable site for homes and a Grand Garden Walk is highlighted as a way of better connecting the seafront, leisure activities and shopping areas.

Cllr John Beesley, Deputy Leader of Bournemouth Borough Council, said:

“This document marks a turning point in Bournemouth’s history – a determined move away from piecemeal development in favour of a planned, comprehensive approach to ensure works on each site complement those taking place elsewhere.

“The result of this consultation will help map the future development of Bournemouth Town Centre over the next 15 years so it is vital people take the opportunity to comment.”

If approved, the plan will see up to 2,000 new homes constructed and will bring a reshuffling of car parking with the same number of spaces provided in fewer, larger car parks.

Copies of the document are available at www.towncentrevision.co.uk and are in all local libraries.

Residents have until January 7 to have their say.