Healthy Hotels

29 April 2010, 13:02 | Updated: 29 April 2010, 13:09

Hotels and tourist attractions in Bournemouth have joined forces to try and get children to eat more healthily.

The "Good Food For Little People" campaign which has been endorsed by top celebrity chef Lesley Waters aims to show children healthy food can taste good.

So far 15 hotels, restaurants and attractions have signed up to the scheme. Local chefs have researched what children and families like to eat on holiday so want to make eating fun, offer children healthier food and continental-style dining.

Those businesses involved will display the logo on their kids’ menus.

Dorset-based chef Lesley Waters says: "It is vital that from an early age children can educate their palates so that they have an interest in food. It’s very exciting to see a leading resort pioneer healthy food and I’m proud to be part of the campaign. Visitors can now expect more variety and choice rather than just the usual suspects of fish and chips and chicken and chips. The idea that children can also eat smaller portions from the adult’s menus when they are relaxed on holiday means they will be more open to enjoy new foods and tastes."

As well as additional healthy options on kids’ menus, there are many “Good Food For Little People” initiatives taking place such as hotels allowing children to grow vegetables in their grounds.

Mark Smith, Director of Tourism says: "Our local chefs are reacting to families demanding healthy food and interesting tastes. Bournemouth prides itself on being a top family resort and offering a fresh, outdoor holiday experience while playing on our seven miles of sandy beach."