Plans To Develop Bournemouth's Seafront

16 October 2013, 06:43 | Updated: 16 October 2013, 07:11

A long-term plan for Bournemouth’s seafront is being discussed at Bournemouth Borough Council’s Cabinet meeting today (16th October).

Over 90 potential projects have been identified for the 20-year programme to further enhance the area from Alum Chine to Southbourne.  

The projects are grouped into activities to best fit with the different geographical and commercial environments along the coastal area: 

The Chines, Central Beach, the Coastal Activity Park at Meyrick Steps/Boscombe and Boscombe to Southbourne. 

Any development will enhance the natural assets of the stunning coastline, and be environmentally and economically sustainable. 

Much of the current seafront infrastructure dates back to over fifty, and in some cases a hundred, years and was designed to meet visitor needs and expectations of earlier generations. 

As well as providing enhanced facilities for local people to enjoy, the new Seafront Strategy will help to secure and grow Bournemouth’s £462M tourism sector, which currently employs over 11,000 people. 

Some aspects will be delivered by the Council, but much of the aspirations will be achieved through private sector investments and partnership. 

Making the vision a reality will begin with delivery of Phase One of three innovative projects

· Revitalised Pier Approach scheme which builds on development already undertaken, such as the Waterfront at Pier Approach, with a series of landscape improvements, planting, terraces and a waterplay feature. It will also include new lighting to enhance the Lower Gardens at night, and a new tourism/seafront information point will be created within the new Pier Approach landscape; 

· Southbourne overnight stay leisure accommodation Beach Hut Village which will be a premium and unique tourism development replacing existing beach hut blocks facing onto a Blue Flag beach; 

· A new Alum Chine development of 16 huts at the west of Alum chine towards Bournemouth’s border with Poole. The Seafront Strategy has been developed in consultation with the local tourism industry together with a seafront groups, organisations and statutory bodies. 

In support of this Seafront Strategy, Andrew Francis, Chairman of Bournemouth Tourism Management Board comments, 

“The current proposals for redevelopment of the entire Bournemouth Seafront are truly outstanding. Whilst delivering the finished product along the entire seafront will clearly be a long term project, the thought and creativity that has been applied is fantastic. Our current seafront is wonderful and well managed, however what is planned is truly world class. Of real significance in the strategy is the zoning of sections of the seafront, in order to ensure that each has its own identity and appeal for different users, both locals and tourists alike, whilst at the same time still retaining its Bournemouth identity. Projects like this will continue to support our drive to position Bournemouth as the UK’s first choice coastal resort for both leisure and business tourism." 

Bill Cotton, Executive Director, Environment & Economy, said, 

“Bournemouth Borough Council is already investing heavily in regeneration and development of the town and is delivering a multi-million pound development programme to make the adopted Town Centre Vision a reality. We already have a significant range of amenities, and this programme for development of one of Britain’s most important attractions will expand the year-round opportunities for residents and visitors alike.”