Hypnotist's Mishap Leaves People In Trance

Three people were left in a trance on stage when a hypnotist knocked himself out during a show in Dorset.

Entertainer David Days, from Weymouth, was performing at Portland's Royal Manor Theatre on Friday evening when he tripped over an audience member's leg.

He was in the middle of bringing the participants out of a hypnotic state and could not be roused by his stage team.

The audience was asked to leave the theatre but they initially thought the commotion was all part of the act and applauded.

 After a few minutes, Mr Days came round and was able to "wake up" the hypnotised trio.

Mr Days, 37, later wrote on his Facebook page: "I would just like to let my fans know that I am completely fine.

"A little bruised, but that's all. Thanks for your support tonight, it was a great show with some great volunteers."

His manager Tara Nix said the three participants were also "fine".