Replacing The IMAX: Latest

2 July 2010, 15:23

The new attraction that replaces the Imax in Bournemouth has to allow sea views from Bath Road and be lower than the current building.

They are two of the conditions being given to prospective developers. Now Bournemouth Borough Council want to know what other criteria are important to the public before the Planning Brief is finalised.

The other key points made in the Draft Planning Brief are:

* Developers should take into account the results of the public consultation which found that a combination of tropical gardens, water park, interactive arts, museum & entertainment, and performing arts space were the most popular choices to replace the IMAX

* Other ideas from developers are welcome if they can be shown to be popular with residents and visitors

* Any attraction must be commercially viable

* Careful thought should be given to the design of the facades and the roof, so that the building doesn’t look too big or box-   like 

* The Council wants a building that has real architectural merit and it will listen to the opinions of experts such as  the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and the South West Design Panel on the draft designs that  developers submit

The public will have until Wednesday 4 August to comment on it. After this date, the feedback will be analysed before a final Planning Brief is drawn up and presented to Cabinet for approval on 8 September.

Councillor Stephen MacLoughlin said: "The Planning Brief will be a guide for developers so that they understand the public and the Council’s aspirations for the site.  We will expect them to put their own interpretation on Bournemouth's requirements and come forward with inspirational schemes.  At that stage, we will look at their proposals and start to determine exactly what might replace the IMAX.

"This is a very exciting time for Bournemouth - we have the opportunity to create a fantastic all-weather attraction in a building that finally everyone can be proud of."