Keep The Noise Down!

People in Bournemouth are being asked to think of their neighbours and keep the noise down if they're throwing Christmas parties..

Bournemouth’s Environmental Health Officers, the Police, Bournemouth University and the Arts University College say they're working together to tackle the issue of noise nuisance, which can upset some people, particularly when people hold parties at home.

The Council's working with the Police carrying out regular patrols to deal with nuisance from noise and anti-social disturbance in areas where it often happens, including streets with a high density of student housing. Officers will be stepping up their patrols as the end of term and Christmas approaches.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Member for Communities said:

“We don’t want to stop residents from having a good time while celebrating Christmas and the end of term, but we are asking that they consider their neighbours. The Council has powers to serve Noise Abatement Notices, seize equipment that is causing the noise and issue fines and we will not hesitate to use these powers if noise nuisance is reported and witnessed by our officers. It is also the responsibility of residents who may have concerns about noise nuisance to report it to the Council immediately so that swift action can be taken.”

North Bournemouth Section Commander, Inspector Mike Claxton, said:

“We fully support the action being taken by Bournemouth Borough Council to tackle noise complaints. We take the issue very seriously and would like to reiterate to all residents the importance of respecting their neighbours.”

To report noise nuisance out of office hours, residents should call the night time noise number on: 0800 0281870.  For ongoing problems with noisy neighbours, residents should call the Council during office hours on 01202 451309.

Since the start of the academic year in September Noise Abatement Notices have been served on 50 students in 10 student houses. There have not been any breaches of these Abatement Notices.   As a consequence of the Council’s proactive service, the Police were called to a house party with approx 60 people in Cardigan Road 16-17 October which resulted in the party being cleared and one person being arrested and fined £80 for public nuisance.

 So far this Autumn there's been a 10 per cent increase in the number of student noise complaints.