Landslide Warning In Dorset

Coastguards in Dorset are warning members of the public to observe warnings at cliff edges and to stay away because of the danger of landslips and mudslides.

"With the poor weather continuing, we're dealing with a number of landslips and mudslides along the Dorset coastline," says Simon Dennis of Portland Coastguard.

"In Swanage, local coastguards are keeping a watch on areas near the beach and beach huts as sections of cliff continue to move, and on Portland a section of coast path on the west of the Island is particularly vulnerable.

"Further west, sections of beach and cliff near Charmouth have suffered from cliff falls and mudslides.

"In Lyme Regis, coastguards and Dorset Police are dealing with an area to the west of the town, with very significant movement, including buildings overhanging the cliff edge

"The current weather means water is draining from land very rapidly, causing a layer to form in cracks on cliffs. Large sections of our coast are now very vulnerable to movement, and even in dryer weather, any sharp frost would bring expansion behind sections of cliff causing further falls. Areas of mudslide are prone to drying out and forming a crust. Although these may look solid, they will not support a person's weight."

Earlier this week, an amber landslide warning was put in place by the British Geological Survey for the South West, who urged walkers to take care along coastal routes.