Lions Auctioned Off At Pavillion

50 lion sculptures have been auctioned off at the Bournemouth Pavilion as part of the Pride In Bournemouth project.

Many of the lions - which had been painted by local businesses, schools and artists - fetched over £1000.

The lion which became a memorial to Red Arrow pilot Jon Egging after his death, fetched around £4000. He was killed when his plane came down in fields after performing at the Bournemouth Air Festival back in August. Hundreds of flowers and tributes were left beside the sculpture outside the town hall, because it had a picture of The Red Arrows painted on it.

Over 1000 people attended and all money raised from the event is going towards The Born Free Foundation and Julia's House Children's Hospice in Dorset.

TV star Martin Clunes is patron of both the charities and was there along with actress and Born Free Founder, Virginia McKenna.

The auction was held at the Bournemouth PavillionMoney raised from the sales going to 2 charities

 Over 1000 people attended the auctionMany went for over £1000

Martin Clunes was thereVirginia McKenna, Founder of Born Free