M3 One Of 'Worst Motorways' In Summer Holidays

4 August 2013, 06:08

The M3 through Hampshire has been voted the 6th worst motorway in the UK for travelling on during the summer holidays.

The M25 was voted the worst, but at the other end of the scale, the Dorset Coast has been named as the 4th most scenic journey in the country.
The results have comes from a survey of 2000 people - and according to the report by Europcar, it's not just busy roads that irritate when we're out and about during the school break.
Nearly half can't stand it when motorists drive too close, while middle lane hoggers are a nightmare for two thirds.

And for Hampshire drivers, the inside of the car can be equally infuriating, with back seat drivers, their partner's inability to read a map and having to squeeze the kids, the luggage and everything else into a too-small boot also increasing our stress levels.

Robert Shaw from Europcar, who did the research, said:

"Only 5% of locals actually voted for the M3 as being the worst motorway. 45% of local residents actually cited the M25.

"Certainly the Dorset Coast is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK, and 18% of the people we surveyed actually did vote the Dorset Coast as their most scenic journey.

"The stand-out thing that irritates us is other drivers and their bad habits. Backseat drivers featured heavily in the response as things that frustrate us on the road."