Man Appeals For Return Of His Nose

6 September 2013, 12:57

A Dorset pensioner is appealing for the return of his artificial nose after losing it on a trip to the dentist.

Cyril Osment, 83, realised the prosthetic was missing when he returned home after driving to the dentist on Monday morning, September the 2nd.

Mr Osment, from Alweston, had his nose removed last year because of cancer and recently had the artificial one fitted.

The pensioner said the nose, which is made from silicon, was held in place by magnets but recently it had started to fall off.

Mr Osment, a retired newsagent, said he must have lost the nose either on the way or returning from the dentist because he had it when he left his home that morning.

He is now appealing to any members of the public who may have seen it to return it to him.

The grandfather said he had looked in his house and in his car but had been unable to find it and believes it may have fallen off in the street.

Mr Osment said he had contacted the dental surgery but they had not seen the missing appendage either.

"It was a very tight fit and you had to lever it off but recently it's started falling off.

"Something must have gone wrong with the magnetic studs as it wouldn't fall off otherwise.

"What they've got to look out for is a little, pink artificial nose. My son said to me that someone could pick it up and think it was a joke nose.''

Mr Osment added: "You wouldn't even know it was artificial - it was an absolutely brilliant match.''

He is hoping that he will be able to get a replacement from Salisbury District Hospital, where the original prosthetic nose was fitted.