Man Admits Murdering Partner

A man who stabbed his partner to death in front of their three-year-old daughter over her relationship with a police officer pleaded guilty to murder on the third day of the trial today.

Piotr Zasada, 33, changed his plea at Winchester Crown Court and was jailed for life for the killing of Katarzyna Ryba, 26. He had denied the charge.

Judge Guy Boney QC will set the minimum term on Monday after hearing submissions from the prosecution and defence.

Miss Ryba had sought protection from the Dorset police after Zasada was previously violent towards her and she became close to an officer assigned to her case, Pc Richard Allen.

The courts issued a non-molestation order against him preventing him from being in contact with her.

Earlier Anthony Donne QC, prosecuting, had told a jury that Zasada murdered Ms Ryba, who worked as a waitress, out of "anger and jealousy'' although he said it was not clear whether he knew she was developing an "association'' with the police officer.

Mr Donne said that on October 1 last year, Ms Ryba had been staying at a friend's house in April Court, Wellington Road, Bournemouth.

That evening, Pc Allen came to visit her and the pair engaged in sexual activity in one of the bedrooms, the court heard.

The police officer left at 10.30pm and nearly an hour and a half later, Zasada, a bus driver, of Norwich Road, Bournemouth, turned up and began attacking her.

The court heard that the 33-year-old began stabbing her in front of their three-year-old daughter, Michelle, and Grazyna Karbownik, the mother of Ms Ryba's friend.

Mr Donne said Ms Ryba suffered eight potentially fatal stab wounds and 18 slashes including defence wounds to her arms.

Mr Donne said that when Ms Karbownik went to a neighbour's flat to get help, Zasada threw Ms Ryba out of the second floor window and she landed in the car park below.

Zasada then sent text messages to his friends saying that he had killed Ms Ryba and that he intended to kill himself.

One text said: "Sorry, I can't stand it any longer, farewell.''

Another said: "Perhaps I killed Kasha, knifed her and threw her down from the second floor, now it's my turn.''

Mr Donne said that Zasada was found by police sitting in his car having taken some medication and with superficial slash wounds to his wrists.

Speaking of the involvement of the police constable with Ms Ryba, Mr Donne said:

"There is no excuse for the subsequent contact of Pc Allen.

"Police officers, whatever the temptation, should remain detached and professional in this sort of situation. They are there to provide vulnerable people with help and support and the line is obvious and clear.

"PC Allen overstepped that line and must answer for that elsewhere after this case.''

Mr Donne said that Zasada and Ms Ryba, both Polish nationals, met in their native country before moving to Birmingham and then to Bournemouth.