Man Jailed For Bite Attack

A man who left another man beaten and bloodied after attacking him in the booking hall at Weymouth rail station has been jailed for 16 months.

34-year-old Gareth Beckett, of Portland Place, Frome, Somerset, was sentenced at Dorchester Crown Court on Friday, 17th August after pleading guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that a witness saw Beckett in the men's toilets at Weymouth station on Thursday, 30 June 2011, and heard him repeatedly say he wanted to "smash someone's head in."

After leaving the toilets Beckett became embroiled in an argument with a man, a 52-year-old from Taunton, while queuing in the station booking hall around 4.25pm.

The pair became increasingly aggressive towards each other and began fighting, with Beckett repeatedly punching the man, who ended up crouched and bleeding extensively from cuts to the head.

The witness who had seen Beckett in the toilets earlier tried to intervene but Beckett leaned forward and bit the other man just below his left eye for a few seconds before pulling away.

Shocked bystanders called police and paramedics and the injured man was treated for extensive bleeding. He was later taken to Dorset County Hospital for treatment to wounds on his forehead, left eyebrow and just below his eye on his left cheek.

Beckett left the scene and went to the Railway Tavern pub on Queen Street but was tracked down by police officers, who had been provided with a clear description of him by witnesses.

Upon seeing the officers enter the pub Beckett attempted to leave but was stopped and arrested on nearby Crescent Street.

When later interviewed by detectives, Beckett said his recollection of the incident was slightly hazy because he had spent the day drinking in a pub with friends but insisted that he had acted in self defence.

Detective Constable Phil James, the investigating officer, said:

"When questioned, Beckett insisted that he wasn't a violent person, but the injuries he caused would seem to suggest the opposite.

"This was a violent and sustained attack that took place in broad daylight in front of a number of shocked passengers, including families with children, and we welcome the sentence handed down to Beckett by the court."

Weymouth station attack CCTV