Man Jailed For Decade Of Abuse

Terrence Sutton, 62, originally from Bournemouth, has been sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment at Bournemouth Crown Court after pleading guilty to 12 counts of sexually abusing a child.

The offences started when the victim was young and continued into her adult years.

Julia Woodward, Senior Crown Prosecutor for Wessex CPS said:

“Sutton subjected the victim to more than a decade of sexual abuse. He took the advantage of the victim’s innocence and vulnerability. He started to abuse her at a young age and first seriously sexually assaulted her at the age of nine. 

“She had to go through her childhood, her teenage years and adult life knowing that what happened to her was wrong and was a crime. She had the bravery to come forward and report her ordeal to the police.

“Thanks to the support of the victim and other witnesses in the case we were able to build a very strong case against the defendant.

“He pleaded guilty to a number of serious offences including rape, indecent assault and offences of gross indecency with or towards a child under the age of 14.

“We have accepted that the other charges remaining on the indictment should lie on file.

“We would like to personally thank the victim and other witnesses for the courage showed whilst giving detailed accounts of what happened.

“After the long period of time over which the abuse occurred we can only hope that this conviction goes some way to laying to rest what happened to the victim so she can now carry on with her life without this burden.”