Massive Landslide Near Durdle Door

This is all that remains of a coastal path after a 100 metre stretch of cliff dramatically collapsed into the sea.

The landslide caused tonnes of debris to fall into the sea below on a stretch of coastline between at St Oswald's Bay, Dorset.

There are no reported injuries following the collapse between the limestone arch Durdle Door and Lulworth, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said.

Walkers have been warned to take extra care amid fears further landslips could be possible. 

``Do not attempt to climb up or down cliffs unless you are properly equipped and trained to do so,'' the Agency warned from its Twitter account.

``Remember to wear sturdy shoes or boots and check the weather forecast before you set out.''

The MCA's account later posted a photograph of people still walking along the path, with the caption: ``What do you think they are doing on the edge of a collapsed cliff? There's a reason we give advice.''

It is not the first time this year the stretch of Jurassic Dorset coast has experienced landfalls.

Earlier this month coastguards warned of cliffs giving way near Lulworth Cove, while in January it was reported the steps leading down to Durdle Door beach had crumbled following extreme weather.

Durdle Door landslide