Monkey World Calls For New Laws

Dorset's Monkey World is trying to get new laws brought in banning monkeys from being kept as pets in the UK.

It's after they had to nurse two marmosets back to health. The pair -had been kept in terrible conditions by a Plymouth man, who's been found guilty of neglecting them.

On October 26th 2011, Monkey World was called by the RSPCA to check on the welfare of two young marmosets that were being kept as pets in Plymouth.

Dr Alison Cronin, Director of Monkey World, went to the house to find Tya, a six-month-old female, and Rattler, a one-year-old male, running loose across a short branch tied to the curtain rail in the sitting room.  

They didn't have a cage, but were left loose in the sitting room. They were living in filthy conditions and did not have an access to water, appropriate food or vitamins. Both marmosets should have been living with their family groups becuase they were so young.  

Rattler and Tya were seized and brought back to Monkey World for intensive care.  Both marmosets showed the early signs of rickets, a condition where their bones bend and break as a result of inappropriate diet and living conditions.  Rattler's tail is bent in two places and Tya has stiffness in her hips and legs.

This year alone, Monkey World has rescued 10 marmosets from private homes and a UK pet shop, they're now campaigning for it to be banned.

"Monkey World is an International primate rescue and rehabilitation centre, but more and more we find ourselves being called to rescue and rehabilitate monkeys being kept as pets legally in Britain today," says Dr Alison Cronin.

''Sadly most of these primates are kept by unqualified people who do not know what the needs of their monkeys are. I believe in the case of Rattler and Tya, the owner was incapable of giving two such tiny, young marmosets the specialist care that they needed and deserved. We are very pleased that he has been found guilty to the charges of neglect, but remain concerned and saddened that the law allows this trade to continue in Britain today."

Rattler and Tya are now being given specialist care and have even been adopted by one of Monkey World's adult female common marmosets, Gabi. She has taught them to feed, communicate and socialise and they are now thriving in their new home. 

 Tya as she is now

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