New Electric Car Charging Points For Dorset

20 November 2013, 06:58 | Updated: 20 November 2013, 07:00

The Government's funding a series of electric car charging points in Poole, Bournemouth and across Dorset.

Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council and Dorset County Council have jointly secured £723,000 from the UK Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to provide 15 electric vehicle charging points throughout the region.

The government's aim is to provide sufficient charging points throughout the country to reassure drivers that electric vehicles can be used for longer journeys and to encourage more motorists to drive them.

In addition this will reduce the dependence on imported fuels and help reduce the UK's carbon footprint.

Rapid charging points extend the range of electric vehicles by recharging them in 40 minutes, compared to the 4-8 hours it usually takes to charge at home. The funding award will see four rapid charging points installed in Poole with a further three in Bournemouth and eight in other parts of Dorset.

They are at the following locations:


- New Orchard

- Serpentine Road

- Ashley Road

- Poole Road, Westbourne


- West Hill car park

- Bournemouth Railway Station/Interchange

- Hawkwood Road main car park

The rest of Dorset:

- Christchurch

- Wimborne Minster

- Dorchester

- Blandford Forum

- Weymouth

- Shaftesbury

- Bridport

- Lyme Regis

These locations have been chosen because they are near the main East - West or North - South routes or provide places to charge once motorists get to the coast.

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for a Prosperous and Sustainable Poole, Borough of Poole, said:

"This funding is great news not only for those people who already use electric vehicles but also for those residents and businesses who may be thinking about using them in the future. Especially as electric vehicles are not only a lot cheaper to run but also good for the environment too.

"We also look forward to welcoming visitors to the town, who will now have the reassurance that they can easily 'top-up' their electric vehicle before their return journey."

Councillor Michael Filer, Cabinet Member for Transport, Bournemouth Borough Council, said:

"This is really great news for Bournemouth, which prides itself on being a ‘green’ town. We hope these new charging points encourage electric car owners to visit our vibrant tourist town now they know they have a place to charge their car, as well as promote the benefits of electric cars to our local residents."

Councillor Hilary Cox, Cabinet member for Environment, Dorset County Council, said: 

"This is a solution to the chicken and egg problem facing motorists who want to drive low energy cars but worry about recharging them. Planning longer journeys will be far easier once these charging points are in place."

Work to install the rapid charging points will start in the spring and the project will be completed by the end of 2014.