New PCC Backs Alcohol Pricing Plan

Dorset's new Police and Crime Commissioner has backed Government plans for alcohol pricing.

The cost could rise to try to beat binge drinking.

The Government's announced plans to set a minimum price of 45 pence per unit and force supermarkets to end 'two-for-one' type offers.

It's hoped the move will cut crime and prevent alcohol-related deaths.

Martyn Underhill, the newly-elected police and crime commissioner for Dorset, backed the Government's initiative.

He said: ''One of the biggest drivers behind binge-drinking in our county is the 'pre-loading' by young people before they even reach the town centre pubs and clubs.

''The Government measures will make cheap alcohol consumption more difficult.

''Reducing pre-loading will reduce alcohol-related incidents further down the chain and can only be encouraged.''

Mr Underhill was previously a senior officer with Sussex Police and stood as an independent candidate in this month's election.