New Service For Disabled People In Dorset

A new service run by a disability charity providing disabled people with specially-managed rented accommodation has been set up in Dorset.

Edward's Support Services, run by Diverse Abilities Plus, provides private rental homes for people with physical and/or learning disabilities. 

The service, funded by Barclays Bank and named after Phyllis Edwards who founded Diverse Abilities Trust, offers rented accommodation to people with specific needs such as Simon Shave and Graham Wills who have recently moved into a new bungalow. 

Mark Powell, CEO at Diverse Abilities Plus, said: 

"Barclays Bank has helped Diverse Abilities Plus establish a service which will help so many local people with disabilities. Having a landlord working specifically for people like Simon and Graham, that understands their needs, will make a big difference to improving their quality of life every day." 

Andy Cranstone, from Barclays Business, said: "It is a real eye opener as to how charities such as Diverse Abilities Plus support major parts of our society's social needs. The work Diverse Abilities Plus does is nothing short of life changing for a group of very vulnerable people. I and the rest of the team here at Barclays Business in Bournemouth are rightly proud to be a part of this effort."