New Speed Cameras For School

5 July 2010, 17:21 | Updated: 7 July 2010, 09:45

A new way of slowing down traffic is being tested outside a school in Poole.

From September, two new SafeZone cameras are being installed opposite Springdale First School.  They work by measuring the average speed of vehicles travelling between two points and will remain in place for at least six months.  The data will then be released early next year, but will not be used for enforcement purposes and nobody will be prosecuted as a result.

The trial, which is being paid for by local technology firm, Siemens is taking place on Springdale Road because previous attempts to stop speeding in the area have so far been unsuccessful.  The site is also close to Siemens' offices in Sopers Lane, from where they will be monitoring and maintaining the cameras.

Johnny Stephens of the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership, said: "The aim of the SafeZone cameras is to reduce the risk of a serious collision.  It is hoped the cameras will provide a safe environment for local residents as well as the pupils, parents and staff at Springdale First School."