Otter Cubs Meet The Public In Weymouth

Otter cubs are delighting visitors to Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Parkfor the first time in seven years.

The two youngsters are nearly four-and-a-half months but have only recently ventured from the warmth and security of their straw-filled home.
Their proud parents 12-year-old Jonny and his younger partner Lilly were only introduced to each other in July last year, but it was love at first sight.

The youngsters are just over 5 months old
Park curator Fiona Smith thinks Lilly was pregnant within a month.
“Gestation is only about 60 days, but the cubs were probably already at least a week old by the time we heard the first tell-tale squeaks,” she added.
Now the pair are exploring their outdoor enclosure more thoroughly every day.
“One of them is really quite brave and cocky while the other seems to be extremely shy,” said Fiona, “but neither of them seem prepared to wander too far from mum and dad at the moment.”
Asian short-clawed otters, the cubs will not be fully grown until they are about one year old, and will build their strength and stamina in the mean time with constant play fighting with each other and with mum and dad. 

The family of otters at Weymouth Sea Life Park

“They are unbelievably cute and have melted the hearts of just about every member of staff,” said Fiona.