Parking Enforcement Returns To Poole Park

Residents and visitors using Poole Park are reminded that parking enforcement will begin throughout the popular park on 1 March 2011.

Roadside parking bays and double yellow lines have been repainted and new signage relating to parking enforcement has been installed.

Current waiting times within the small car parks and parking bays on the road will remain as they are while a review of parking restrictions is completed by Leisure Services.

A review began two years ago to ensure the parking controls were appropriate for all park users and activities. During this time parking enforcement was suspended.

It is now necessary to start parking enforcement again due to a number of motorists leaving their vehicles on double yellow lines and in the parking bays all day, restricting available parking for other motorists wishing to visit the park and its many attractions.

Penalty charge notices will be issued by Civil Enforcement Officers from the council's Transportation Services to any vehicles parked on double yellow lines or vehicles overstaying the waiting restrictions in car parks.

Parking remains free of charge throughout the park.