Police Close Dorset Drug House

31 January 2011, 16:54 | Updated: 16 February 2011, 10:53

Police officers have enforced a drugs house closure order on a flat in The Buttery, Christchurch, after complaints from residents about drug activity and anti-social behaviour.

Officers from the Purewell & Stanpit Safer Neighbourhood Team in Christchurch, closed and secured Flat 8, The Buttery on Friday (28th January 2011).

The closure order was granted by Bournemouth Magistrates Court under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. The act gives police powers to close properties that have been used in connection with the unlawful use, production and supply of Class A drugs, and are associated with the occurrence of anti-social behaviour and disorder.

Inspector Lance Cliff, Christchurch Neighbourhood Inspector, said: “The closure follows concerns raised by residents about drug-related anti-social behaviour in the area. This kind of activity can seriously affect the quality of people’s lives and it will not be tolerated.

“We are pleased to have been able to put an end to any illegal activity at the address and restore the quality of life and safety of local residents, many of whom are young families.”

The application for the closure order was supported by Christchurch Borough Council and Sovereign Twynham Housing Association and has been imposed for three months from the date of issue.

Councillor Ray Nottage, Chair of the Dorset Community Safety Partnership, said: “We want to stress that Christchurch is an extremely safe place to live and work in and visit. This closure simply represents another significant achievement
in making it so.

“This is an excellent example of how the police, housing and local authority are working in partnership and using all the relevant legal powers at their disposal to tackle drug-related anti-social behaviour in the town as we seek to act quickly to prevent communities being affected by drug use and the crime and anti-social behaviour associated with it."

“Christchurch Borough Council will continue to work together with Dorset Police, Sovereign Twynham Housing, residents and traders to do what is necessary to improve the quality of life for its residents.”

Winston Nelson, Tenancy Services Manager for Sovereign Twynham, said: “Sovereign Twynham is committed to working with local partners including the local police and Christchurch Borough Council to provide safe communities for our residents. As part of this ongoing partnership Sovereign Twynham recently assisted with a local police operation to enforce a drug house closure in The Buttery, Christchurch.”

Any person found within the property before the closure order has expired will be committing an offence and will be liable for arrest and prosecution.

Details of the closure order have been posted on the front of the property.