Police Olympic Accomodation Confirmed

Dorset Police has agreed a further contract for police accommodation during the 2012 Olympics.

A contract has been agreed to accommodate officers and staff engaged in the security operation at Southwell Business Park on Portland.

The site, known as Compass Point and owned by Exclusive Venues, will accommodate officers in temporary units during the Games.

This is in addition to previously agreed accommodation at Seaview Holiday Park in Weymouth.

Weymouth and Portland will host the sailing events during the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and a large number of athletes, spectators and other visitors are expected to visit Dorset.

Inspector Stephen Marsh, of the Dorset Police Olympic Planning Team, said:

"Like the Seaview site, Compass Point will only be used for accommodation purposes, and will not have a police enquiry office on site. Therefore during games time, we urge the public to continue to contact us in Weymouth and Portland as they usually would – by calling us on 101 or visiting our website www.dorset.police.uk for details of police enquiry office opening times.

"Access to the site will remain for those businesses operating within the business park but there willbe an enhanced security presence in place."

The cost of the security operation, including accommodation, are met by the Home Office.

Inspector Stephen Marsh explained:

"In support of the operation, the Home Office has funded the provision of external assistance from police forces across the country. These mutual aid officers will help to police Olympic events, allowing us to maintain our standard of service across the whole Force area."

Members of the public with any questions in relation to the policing of the Olympics, and how it may affect your community, can contact the Dorset Police Olympic Planning Team by emailing: 2012@dorset.pnn.police.uk

Further information, including details of community meetings and events, is also available at www.dorsetforyou.com/london2012