Police Patrols For England Games

11 June 2010, 11:19 | Updated: 11 June 2010, 11:27

Dorset Police say they will have more officers patrolling our town centres during England's World Cup games.

They are also being encouraged to go into pubs and clubs while games are going on to try and put off troublemakers, and bars have been advised to only serve drinks in plastic glasses and bottles.

As the tournament coincides with the annual national drink and drug driving summer campaign, officers will also be undertaking increased traffic patrols and road side checks throughout the county.

The advice is, as always, to not get behind the wheel after drinking and to make provisions for a safe journey home.

Assistant Chief Constable Mike Glanville said: "We have experience in these types of events and our priorities will be to ensure all people wishing to celebrate the World Cup can do so in an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all.

"We advise to plan ahead, to go to the cash point before you have a drink and to know how you’re getting home at the end of the evening – know your route.

"During the tournament we will take a high visibility policing approach and Safer Neighbourhood Team officers are being encouraged to enter licensed premises and engage with football supporters.

"Dorset Police aims to facilitate those who wish to watch England matches peacefully and lawfully and to allow others to go about their normal business."

The force is also launching a publicity campaign about domestic violence to put off offenders and urge victims to come forward.

Commercials will be heard on Heart 102.3 for the next month.