Second Pony Dumped In New Forest

Police are renewing their appeal for animal owners to act responsibly after a pony was found in an extremely weak and poor condition in the New Forest on Friday, February 18.

The pony was not New Forest stock and police believe the owners may have brought it into the New Forest to dispose of it.

The pony was a yearling skewbald cob cross filly and was discovered by a Forest Agister on Forest land between Matley and Pondhead. Due to its extremely weakened condition the decision was taken to put the animal down.

Another pony was found dead in the New Forest on Wednesday, February 16. The body of the brown and white skewbald pony was discovered on Forest land at the entrance of Aldermoor Lodge in Ipley, near to Ipley Green. It was thought to be an older animal and was wearing a red head collar. It is not believed to have been New Forest stock.

Police say there were no obvious signs of the cause of death but it is believed the animal had died on the previous day (Feb 15) elsewhere and the body later dumped on New Forest land.

Following the latest discovery, PC Alison Tilbury said:

“This is the second incident we have had like this in a week. This pony was not Forest stock and had been brought into the Forest in a very poor state.

"Police are appealing for anyone who knows where this pony came from or with any information about this incident to contact them.

“Police would also like to remind the owners of animals who die to dispose of their bodies in the appropriate way.

"Owners should contact the animal collection services, via the local council, to arrange appropriate disposal methods.”

Anyone with any information should contact the Country Watch team based at Totton police station on 101 or call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111, where information can be left anonymously.