Poole: Lifeboat Crew Rescue Dog After Cliff Fall

19 October 2014, 08:03 | Updated: 19 October 2014, 08:07

A 10 month old Dog has survived falling 100ft over cliffs and been reunited with her owner

This is the statement from the RNLI

Poole Inshore lifeboat was tasked this afternoon Saturday (October 18) at 15.07pm by Solent Coastguard   to search for a kite surfer off Shore Road and then for a pup whose afternoons walk ended not quite as expected.

Poole Coastguard unit had been called to assist Kite surfers that had appeared to be in difficulty, struggling in the conditions, two had made it ashore but there was some concern that there potentially could have been more out on the water unaccounted for.

The lifeboat scoured the area but nothing untoward was found, concluding that all the kite surfers had made it safely ashore. The crew were about to head back to the station when Solent Coast guard tasked them to assist at another incident that was developing at Old Harry rocks.

At 15.30pm the inshore lifeboat arrived at Old Harry rocks, above on top of the cliff, the Coast Guard cliff rescue team, who were first on scene, were preparing to send a man down via a rope to search for a dog that had gone over the cliff.   

Molly, a ten month old, brown Norfolk terrier had bounded over the cliff, she was last spotted on the North West side of Old Harry, the  owner had lost sight of her and the alarm was raised

Poole Inshore lifeboat proceeded to the bottom of the cliff and volunteer crewman Pete Smith got out of the boat and made his way to the beach on the North side of Old Harry - the Poole side, he then  caught sight of the brown dog. She immediately ran towards him and was very pleased to meet him.

Pete scooped her up and returned to the lifeboat where the crew  gave her a check over.

Thankfully, Molly seemed fine and none the worse for wear, after her dramatic 100ft drop and afternoon dip in the sea below, she had swam through the cave to get to the beach where Pete had found her.

Helmsman Ed Davies said; "It was miraculous, how the dog was safe and sound after her adventure, considering her 100ft fall and swim.

"She is a lucky dog, it was really good for the crew to reunite her with her owner".