Poole Lifeboat Launched To Tall Ship

The Poole RNLI all-weather lifeboat was launched on Thursday afternoon to a young lady on board a 65-metre jubilee training ship Tenacious - she needed urgent medical evacuation.

The Jubilee sailing trust is a charity that enables people of all physical abilities to sail.

The sailing ship was some 13 miles from the entrance of Poole harbour, deep in Poole Bay, when a disabled lady on board became was very poorly in varying states of consciousness.

The doctor on board the sailing ship requested that the casualty be transferred ashore by lifeboat..

The RNLI lifeboat embarked, with volunteer crew who immediately left their place of work and soon met the sailing ship in Poole bay, the ship had steamed nearer the shore to find more shelter to find a calmer place to do a causality transfer.

The casualty was transferred from Tenacious onto the lifeboat by stretcher and was accompanied by the Ships doctor.

The volunteer crew made them comfortable on board and bought them ashore to an awaiting ambulance at the North Haven steps.

The lifeboat then returned back to sea to take the doctor back to the awaiting ship.

Volunteer Coxswain Jonathan Clark said, “Conditions out there were moderate to rough, it was a good “shout” as this lady really needed our help”.