Proposal For Veteran centre

14 April 2010, 05:30

A homeless charity wants to set up a shelter for former soldiers in Weymouth.

It's after figures from the Royal British Legion show 63 veterans lost their homes last year, a 46% rise on 2008.

The house will provide a safe and supportive environment enabling men and women to make life changes and work towards living independently again. 

Staff will offer advice and guidance on employment, education and housing matters and can provide life skills training where needed. 

They will also signpost service users to other agencies that can provide specialist support with issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mental health problems and drug and alcohol dependency. 

The Royal British Legion (RBL) has also given its support to Alabaré's plans to open an ex-Service house in Weymouth, saying there is a "real need" for it.

Alabaré's Project Development Manager Dave Millward said:

"Many ex-Service men and women find life on civvy street very challenging; it can often be their first experience of managing their own finances or looking for employment.  They can also be dealing with a range of other complex issues including PTSD, drug and drink problems or depression.  Unfortunately some will end up either on the streets or in unsuitable accommodation.

"The support we could provide in a specialist ex-Service housing project would address these specific needs and problems.  Also, the service users would all have experience of military life and have a shared understanding."

It will cost £60,000 a year to run the shelters. Applications are currently being made for funding and the charity are set to get a decision in July.

If you would like to get involved in the project, or make a donation, call Dave Millward on 01722 322 882.