Puppy Rescued From Burning Building

3 November 2010, 12:17 | Updated: 3 November 2010, 12:19

Fire-fighters have rescued a puppy from a burning house near Weymouth...

Bella the Shar Pei was found trapped on the first floor of a property near Weymouth in Dorset yesterday, after neighbours heard the fire alarm going off.

The cause of the fire, which started in the kitchen, is being investigated.

Group manager Alun Morgan said:

“Thanks to working smoke detection neighbours were alerted to the fire and were able to call DFRS.

This just shows how important a working smoke alarm is.

Bella the dog was rescued by crews from a heavily smoke logged room in the first floor of the property. I would like to remind residents that keeping internal doors closed can save a property from damage occurring.

Not only does it by stop a fire from spreading, it also stops smoke which can not only damage a property but be the real killer in terms of humans or pets.”

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service will provide a free home safety check to residents.  For more information please visit www.invitemeround.co.uk, or call 01305 252600.