Purbeck Windfarm Gets The Go-Ahead

Planning permission's been granted for a controversial wind farm in Purbeck by the Government’s Planning Inspector.

This follows Purbeck Wind Farm LLP’s appeal against Purbeck District Council’s decision in 2011 to refuse permission for four turbines at Masters Pit, Puddletown Road, East Stoke, near Wareham.

Councillor Peter Wharf, Chairman of Purbeck District Council’s Planning Board, said: 

“The council is disappointed that the Inspector has found in favour of the development.  

“Purbeck District Council was clearly not in favour of this finely balanced application.

"However, the Inspector recognised there were issues on both sides and came down in favour of the development, citing economic and environmental benefits.”

The Appeal Hearing, which took place in Wareham in April 2012, lasted three weeks.  The Inspector reviewed a wide range of information, listened to the views of all interested parties and carried out site visits before making his decision.    

The Inspector’s decision is subject to 39 conditions, including actions to mitigate noise. 

Full details of his report can be found at http://planningsearch.purbeck-dc.gov.uk/PlanAppDisp.aspx?recno=35023